Can a 16 year old get car insurance in Texas?

Can a 16 year old get car insurance in Texas?Yes they can

Yes, however, a minor is not permitted to come in into a legal conntract. A parent or Legal Guardian will have to countersign the insurance application.

What are the cheapest cars to insure for a 16-year-old boy?

Cheapest Cars to InsureThe Top Ten Cheapest Cars to Insure, regardless of who you are: .
Buick LeSabre .
Oldsmobile Silhouette .
Honda Odyssey .
Buick Park Avenue .
Pontiac Montana .
Mercury Grand Marquis .
Buick Century .
Chevrolet Venture .

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GMC Safari .
Oldsmobile BravadaThe insurers may use any combination of many factors to rate an insured risk. Available factors may be your Driving History or Lack thereof, Credit Scoring, category loss historical and current averages, neighborhood thefts etc. etc. It’s the driver as well as the car you drive, of course. Cheapest Very first Car Insurance for Teenage DriversIt’s that time and you have to consider that most of us have been there. The elusive andcheapest car insurance planwith adequate coverage considerations for the teenage driver. ForLiabilityonly, it depends mostly on the driver an possibly a little bit on how much harm the car could do. (motorcycles cheap, SUV’s expensive) ForUtter Coverageit is a combination of how much it usually cost to repair it and how likely it might have an accident or other covered loss. Cadillacs are expensive to repair, Fords are inexpensive. Volvos are driven responsibly, Mustangs are always getting into wrecks. The cheapest vehicle to insure will be a sensible, affordable, puny sedan with the most safety features and the cheapest engine, trim, features etc.. hope it helps.

Can a 16 year old get insurance on his or her car without having to have a parent on the insurance too and without having to be on their parents car?

No. At 16, you’re still considered a juvenile in the eyes of the law. As such, you can’t inject into a legally cording contract, which is what an insurance policy would be in effect. Not to mention that a 16 year old would pay an shocking amount of money for insurance, as that bracket is the highest risk. You can, albeit most insurance companies will not. if they do you will be paying stupid amounts of money for 3rd party only . On my 16th bday i got insured on my 1.3L VW polo on my own, my parents didnt even know. However it did cost me £1459, for 3rd party only, rightly so as a crashed Trio days after passing my test haha. didnt strike my brothers record of Two hours however. I personly don’t think 16 year old masculines should be permitted on public roads =p

How much would car insurance be for a 16 year old with good grades driving a 1991 Camaro RS with a v8 in Arizona?

i am 16 with the exact same car, i live in iowa, for liability only its about 105, as for total coverage im not sure

How much does insurance cost for a 16 year old with his or her own car?

I asked my friend how much he pays for his truck. He is 16 years old and possesses a 2004 White GMC Sierra 1500 ext cab Z71. He pays somewhere around 8000 dollars per year. This is only because its a sports model truck. I’m pretty sure that regular trucks are less expensive for insurance. My other friend is also 16 and has a 1996 Blue Pontiac Trans-Am. He bought it used for about 5000 dollars and with 114,000 miles on it. He has Liability insurance and it is around 2000 dollars per year.

What would the monthly insurance rates be for a 16 year old driving a sports car?

ReactionI’m not sure what your particular situation is but I can give you some general scripts: 1. 2001 Mazda or BMW deluxe (sports) Total Coverage: Avg. $386.31 Min Liability: Avg. $198.00Two. 1996 Porsche Total Coverage: Avg. $422.34 Min Liability: Avg. $247.00Three. 1993 Camaro Z28 Total Coverage: Avg. $290.31 Min Liability: Avg. $149.95Four. 1988 Mustang LX Total Coverage: Avg. $225.00 Min Liability: Avg. $103.60Five. 1983 Ferrari Utter Coverage: Avg. $275.66 Min Liability: Avg. $139.40These rates may vary depending on his or her driving record or location which are all taken into consideration, these are the avg. rates in the large city of Las Vegas, NV.

If your 16-year-old has a car and insurance in his name and his friend has an accident and hurts someone who is legally liable and who could be sued?

Reaction .
Assuming that the friend was driving the car at the time of the accident, both the proprietor and the driver in most cases can be held liable, and both could be sued. What deeds can be taken to recover damages is pursuant to state laws. Often an insurance company will reject to pay a claim under these circumstances. Contacting the insurance agent would be the best option.

What are the cheapest cars to insure for a 16 year old boy in Nevada with a three point zero average?

Response .
Any four door sedan like a camry, accord, or crown vic would be your best bet.

What are the cheapest cars to insure for a 16 year old damsel in Wisconsin with a Three point 7 GPA?

Different insurance companies use different sources for rating vehicles but generally speaking an American made Four door sedan is going to be the least expensive. If you are considering getting a vehicle that you don’t need collision or comprehensive coverage then the make and model of the vehicle won’t matter. The only things that would save money then would be Six pack or possibly air bags if you have medical coverage on the auto policy.

How much would the insurance be for a 16 year old driving a ’99-’04 V6 Mustang or Camaro in Texas?

I’m aNineteen year old ladythatlives in Houston Texasand my very first car was a1999 Camaro V6but myparents paidfor my insurance on their policy so I’m not sure i would have to say a little less than $200 and this i am positive of because (after i totalled it… not neccessarily my fault but didnt get a ticket) i bought a1998 Camaro V6andtook out my OWN insurance policywith Travlers Insurance and it costs me (still my very first 6months so this is my premium) $201.23 a month. I’ve only had one ticket (a few months ago) which i don’t think they found out about yet because my rate still has not yet switched and it was only a speeding ticket 80 something in like a 65 (driving at night going to Austin, i paid the fine of course). But my very first Camaro i was driving when i was 17 I’m soon to be 20. Every insurance company you talk to would give you a different rate so commence calling and when you find a rate you like, take it. However it is also significant to find an agent that is willing to take the time to educate you about auto insurance so that you know what you are getting for several thousand dollars per year.

Whats an estimated car insurance cost for a 16 year old driver in Ohio?

When obtaining an estimate for the cost of auto insurance there aremany things that will help the company determine the rate. Thethings that will determine the rate is how often will you bedriving, what area do you live in, do you have good grades inschool, do you have any current tickets or tickets in the past. Youwill need to be added onto a policy with your parents until the ageof Legitimate, in which you then can retrieve your own policy.

About how much will car insurance cost for a 16-year-old doll?

Depends on many factors. The type of vehicle, geographical locationand rates will vary from carrier to carrier. For example, a 16 yrold with poor grades, no drivers education driving a highperformance car in a populated city will be far more expensive thana teenage with good grades, drivers education driving an 86 Corolla inrural America. Shop around, you may be astonished what a variationyou will find.

How much would a 16 year old masculine pay for car insurance on a 2000 Mustang?

depends where could be from 100-300 depending on where you live, that’s just minimum insurance however

Can a 16 year old get car insurance in Texas?

How much is the average cost of car insurance for a 16-year-old lady in Florida?

ResponseThere are a ton of good insurance company websites that you can go to. All you have to do is pack in your information and they will give you a free quote.

How much would car insurance cost for a 16-year-old female who drives a 1997 Ford Mustang?

This depends on many factors call an agent or check with any of the companys on line. Many will quote three to five insurance carriers, once all the information is put in.

How much would car insurance cost for a 16-year-old masculine in Louisiana?

ReactionThat depends largely on which company you go with, what your deductables are going to be, which type of coverage you choose, what type of vehicle you drive and your driving record. You can expect it to be higher than the average driver’s, tho’; youthfull masculines are a high liability where cars are worried, so coverage often costs more. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

If your parents purchased a car for your 16-year-old daughter and registered it in their names how should the vehicle be insured in Virginia?

Response .
If they do not claim the teenage driver on their insurance, then she gets into a wreck or otherwise gets gets the attention of the insurance company, the insurance company will terminate coverage and the parents will be required to get high risk insurance. They may also deny to cover certain types of loss if the teenage driver is not included in the policy..
Shop aroundThere is coverage for the kid that they pay and is discounted because the parents also have a policy with them. Liability is separated from the parents.

Your 16-year-old daughter does not live with you or her mother has a car in her name and insurance in her name so who is liable in case of an accident?

Reaction .
The names of the “insured” on the declarations page of the insurance policy and those listed as “other operateors” of the vehicle list on the same “deck page” of the policy are covered. Liabilites and their boundaries are listed in the policy.

If a 16 year old lives apart from parent and has a car and insurance in her name can parents be liable?

Reaction .
No, any disturbance or accident claims are foot responsible to a person who holds the title and insurance under their name. .

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How much will auto insurance cost a 16-year-old with a sports car?

Many factors come in into the cost (the premium) for auto insurance. These include: 1. The make and model of the car; Two. The identity of the insurer; Trio. The amount of insurance sought (“policy boundaries”), and as to physical harm coverage, the amount of the deductible; Four. The type of insurance sought (liability, physical harm); Five. The location of the vehicle’ 6. Whether the 16 year old will be the primary driver; 7. Whether he/she has taken a driver education course; 8. Whether the driver has gotten any tickets for moving violations, and the outcome of the tickets; 9. Anticipated annual miles that the vehicle will be driven; Ten. Whether the car will be used for mainly individual or business use.

How do you get married in Texas if you are a pregnant 16 year old and the father is 16 years old?

Response .
Take your parent/legal guardian and his parent/legal guardian to the place where you apply for a marriage license. Your parent has to give consent to the marriage or else you have to wait until you’re Eighteen.

Can a 16 year old drive any car as long as the proprietor has insurance?

Youthfull Drivers .
They can as long as they are listed on the insurance policy for each vehicle OR there is a permissive user clause on the insurance which permits any driver to operate the car and still be covered.

Can a 16 year old get car insurance on there own?

Reaction .
No. You are still considered a minor and cannot sign on the dotted line of a legal cording contract. Thus you will have to have a parent/guardian to sign and be financially responsible.

How much will car insurance cost for a 16-year-old in Oregon?

ResponseThere are just too many variables to ratings you will need to contact an agent for this response.

How much will car insurance raise for a 16-year-old in a fender bender?

Reaction .
From practice ours did not raise until the end / beginning of the following policy and was based on the dollar amount of harm. The damages was a fresh bumper for a fresh Toyota ( $Three,200) and the cost went up appr. $75 for a six month period. We also had her take a defensive driving course after this (even tho’ she had already finished drivers ed as required in this state) and this lowered the amount to $45.

Can a 16 year old chick get car insurance without having her parents on the insurance company?

Reaction .
A minor can not legally come in into most roping contracts As a result a parent or guardian is usually required to approve or authorize a contract by signature..
So Albeit, Yes,, they can obtain Auto Insurance Without the parents listed as named insureds on the insurance contract, However, A parents signature will still be required on the insurance application authorizing the minor to come in into the contract.

Can a 16 year old get car insurance in Texas?

Hom much would car insurance cost for a 18-year-old masculine in Texas?

There are too many variables to be able to give you an estimate. Itdepends on the car, your record, and how much insurance. For anaccurate price contact an insurance company.

What is the car insurance rate for a 16 year old dame?

depends on your state, county, town, driving record, etc. Insurance is lower if you have good grades, tho’. ask the question again and specify at least the state.

How can a 16 year old chick lower her car insurance?

one way is to drive an older model car hey some restored car are adorable

Do you have to add your 16 year old to your car insurance?

I heard you do not have to add your 16 year old to your car insurance policy since he/she will only be driving your insured car. Is this true?

Can an Legitimate year old get car insurance?

If you own a car and have a valid drivers license than you can get insurance at any age, even Legal. You will pay fairly a bit for insurance if you don’t have any older drivers on the policy however so it is usually cheaper to stay on a parents policy until you’re married or you have Three years of driving practice.

Can a 16-year old get a tattoo in Texas?

No, you must be Eighteen to get a tattoo in Texas. There are limited exceptions with parental permission to cover an existing tattoo.

Insurance for 16 year old?

They should have medical coverage. Usually it can be included in the parent’s policy and their premium amount. A 16 year old does not need life insurance. Put that money in a college fund. I would also question the value of Long Term Care Insurance.

What is a good car for a 16 year old?

depends on your gender. For a woman, I’d say a used Camry in decent form, or a mazda3, or ford concentrate. certainly used for a teenage, just in case they screw up. For a boy, a nice Chevy or ford truck looks cool and is cheap when you buy used. A mustang looks pretty cool too.

Can a 16 year old in Illinois get their own car insurance for their car?

Yes they can. Their insurance can be less costly if they take it with their parents in connection with a multi car policy.

A 16 year old hit your car you filed a claim with the insured insurance company they are telling you that they have to investigate why the 16 year old was driving before they can issue you a check?

Most likely, they are attempting to find a way to pay this claim believe it or not. If they havent denied coverage right away, then that is a good sign. The 16 year old may not be covered on the policy for some reason, perhaps they don’t have a driver’s license yet and most policies will not cover unlicensed drivers. For the insurance company to make an exception to this rule, i.e. in the case of life menacing emergency, they are entitled to take statements and investigate the matter accurately before issuing you a check. If the 16 year old doesn’t have a license, or was not named or otherwise covered on the policy, you are wise to permit the insurance company the chance to investigate as this is your only hope of getting that check without taking legal act.

What type of insurance should i get for a 16 year old car?

You should have liability coverage with sufficient boundaries to cover a typical accident claim and protect you against claims that could link to your other assets. Depending on the laws of your state, you may be required to maintain private injury coverage. The choice whether to maintain “comprehensive” insurance, which would pay to repair or substitute your vehicle if you are the one who causes an accident, is truly an economic one. Look at the cost of the premium versus the value of the vehicle, and determine whether you could lightly purchase a fresh vehicle if yours were ruined and no insurance was available. If another driver is at fault, their insurance would likely cover your car’s replacement. But if harm is your fault, you would be out of luck.

What is the cost of car insurance for 16 year old dame driving a 2004 Ford Concentrate wagon in Ohio?

There are fairly a few factors that will determine how much insurance costs, I would call a local agent for a quote.

Can a 16 year old get car insurance in Texas?

How much will auto insurance cost a 16-year-old boy with a coupe car?

There are fairly a few factors that will determine how much insurance costs, I would call a local agent for a quote. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

How much is the liability insurance in Texas for a Legal year old?

There are fairly a few factors that will determine how much insurance costs, I would call a local agent for a quote.

How much would insurance cost for a 16 year old on a sports car?

Insurance is based on many things, not just age and car. Your driving history, practice, exact type of car, where the car is garaged, and even credit rating. Call numerous agents in your area and they can give you exact quotes.

What is the flawless car for a 16 year old?

go with something used, but that’s in good form, with all the safety features. They’re definitly going to want something that looks cool, so for a woman, go with a mazda3, a ford concentrate, or a camry, with a nice paint job. For a stud, get them a black, navy or crimson truck, raise the tires to about a 22” for a good look. A ford mustang is excellent too, but get a modern one, because it has a lot more safety features.

How do you resolve a Five year old no insurance ticket in Texas?

Contact the court with jurisdiction over the case and find out. Each court sets their own policy. Typically, you can pay off the fine owed, or you can post a cash bond and be given a fresh court date.

Can a 16 year old rent a car?

No. Technically, a 16 year old is under the legal adult age. You cannot be a minor to rent, plus, 16 year olds only have permits so they would need an adult over Legitimate anyways to be driving.

Should you just get general auto insurance if you have a 16 year old car?

I would think so, as the car could potentially break down at any moment; as I imagine the car would be very worn out. I would get another car, but yes you should get insurance.

How much extra does it cost to add a 16 year old to your car insurance?

You cannot figure premiums in a forum like this. There are way to many factors that are considered in calculating insurance premiums. One company that I represent has 44 different classifications just for the driver. There are also different considerations for the vehicle. I recommend calling you agent and getting a rate to add your 16 year old to your policy. If it seems too high or just for kicks it is always a good idea to call an independent insurance agency and let them rate your entire policy to make sure you’re gettingthe best rate and coverage. Deal with someone you trust. An independent agent represents many different companies and works for you not the insurance company.

Do you need separate auto insurance for your 16 year old son or is your current auto insurance good for any driver of your car?

Generally, The least expensive way is to add your son to your existing auto Insurance Policy. Failure to add a known driver to your policy is considered Insurance Fraud by concealment and could subject the insured to cancellation, non renewal and can void all coverage under your policy. Basically any one who has regular access to your vehicle and is not scheduled under the policy is an uninsured driver.

How much is car insurance for a 16 year-old female?

You can’t estimate premiums in a forum like this. Premiums are determined by too many factors and vary by State, zip code, useage, driver, vehicle, and many more. One of my insurance companies has 44 different classifications for the driver. My suggestion is to contact an independent insurance agency in your area so they can give you rates for several different insurance companies. Deal with someone you trust and not just the cheapest price.

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Why do insurance company want a 16 year old to get insurance when the car is insured already?

That doesn’t make sense. You may have misunderstood. The 16 year old driver would have to be listed on the policy as a driver. Most companies will not even permit a 16 year old to purchase insurance in their name because they are not a legal adult and an insurance application and policy make up a legal contract.

Do you have to add your 16 year old grandson to your car insurance?

If the 16 year old grandchild lives in your home or drives your vehicles then yes you are required to add him or her you your insurance as a primary or secondary driver depending on how much they drive.

How much does car insurance go up for 16 year old that gets a ticket for no seat belt in Georgia?

No seat belt disturbance is not considered a moving disturbance by most insurance companies so there is no point charge.

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