If you pay for the insurance or harm waiver on the rental car when you were not at fault can you get reimbursed for that expense If so how?

If you pay for the insurance or harm waiver on the rental car when you were not at fault can you get reimbursed for that expense If so how?Yes, I am going on the following assumptions to reaction your question;

You rented a vehicle and took out the harm waiver, (did you have insurance on another vehicle? If so that switches a few things) had an accident in this rental vehicle that WAS NOT YOUR FAULT AT ALL.

You (or the rental company) could file with the ‘at fault’ party. Some rental car companies will chose to use their own carrier for speed, so they can get that vehicle back on the road. In that example, (and evidently that is what happened) once the final payments have been made, their insurance company should file a subrogation claim against the at fault carrier, and recoup all money paid in the claim including the deductible you paid. And in turn will comeback that to you. If the other party is not insured there will still be a subrogation claim, but this generally takes a lot longer.

Let me caution you however, this is under the assumption that
a) there was absolutely no negligence attributed to you
b) the ‘at fault’ driver had insurance.
c) no dispute inbetween the carriers as to liablity.

You should be kept abreast of the investigation, and subrogation claim, if you have not been contact the insurance company that is treating the claim, if you do not have their information, call the rental car company and get it from them.

If you would like to provide me with extra details surrounding the facts of loss etc, perhaps I could be of greater assistance to you, and would gladly attempt…. Good luck !!

Do you contact the at-fault person’s insurance or does your agent and if your insurance pays for your damages does his have to pay the deductible?

Fairly often, when the other carrier has accepted liability but you have had your damages taken care of by your own carrier, the at-fault carrier will agree to send you your deductible. Any of you can call the at-fault carrier and request this, tho’ they’ll need proof from your own carrier as to what the deductible is. If, however, there’s a liability dispute inbetween your two carriers, you’ll have to wait until your carrier subrogates and/or arbitrates the other carrier. All this means is that your carrier will ask for their money back, including your deductible, and if the other carrier declines, your carrier will initiate arbitration. Your carrier may or may not win; if they do, they get their money back and can send you your deductible.

If your auto is hit the other driver’s auto insurance pays all medical expenses and so does your health insurance must you reimburse your company?

You do not have to reimburse your insurance company if the accident is the fault of the other driver and the claim is made on their insurance. If the accident is the fault of the other driver and their insurance does not cover everything and you make a claim on your insurance for reimbursement, your insurance will subrogate (collect back) from the other company.

If the insurance co admits fault and pays 85 percent of your car rental can they switch their decision and not give you anything for your damages?

more details needed, if they assumed 85% of the liability, and that should have been ‘clear’ prior to putting you in a rental, i would be interestd in the reasons for the switch……..more details and i think i can help you a superb deal with this one……..lori

If you were in a car accident and the other person was at fault should her insurance pay for your rental car medical bills and all of your repairs?

yes, assuming the are allaccident relatedand she is 100% negligent, and therfore liable/responsible for your damages…….if a specific problem with some of this give more details and i can be of more assistance….. It also depends on whether your state is a “no fault” state or not. In a “no fault” state, the parties involved in an auto accident are automatically reimbursed by their own insurance company. However, it is still possible for the victim of an auto accident to receive extra compensation for certain damages (i.e. medical expenses, anguish and suffering, economic losses, etc.). If the accident victim’s auto insurance policy does not cover the amount of damages they’ve sustained, they may want to consider legal act against the at fault driver. However, this all depends on the state the accident victim lives in and the amount/type of damages sustained.

In Florida can the insurance company of the at fault driver be required to pay for rental car and medical bills?

yes, in all states if the insurance company has accepted utter liability for the accident then they will also (under the ‘at fault’ party’s liability coverages), provide a rental car to you, while yours is being repaired, and will owe for all medical expenses and an injury settlement (once you have finished treatment), that areaccident related …..most times NO payment at all will be made on the injury until all treatment is finished and you are ready to lodge…the property harm claim (fixing your car and rental) are two separate claims, and are treated as such, and cannot in anyway be combined….in other words they will go ahead and fix car etc….pay for that…and injury claim treated when ready…be sure and a) ask for a rental instantly, and b) advise them you are injured…..

If you get rear-ended in someone else’s car and you are not on their policy and your license is not valid will the other person’s insurance company still pay for the damages if it was there fault?

Response Most likely yes. In most cases it doesn’t matter who wasdriving the not-at-fault car or the status of their license. Edit: No it will not cover because by law you shouldn’t have beendriving in the very first place.

If someone with insurance is found at fault when they hit an uninsured driver does the at fault drivers insurance still pay for harm to the uninsured car?

Yes, you are responsible regardless whether the other party has insurance or not. .
You should recover compensation, but in the UK driving without motor insurance is a criminal offence so you could be prosecuted by the authorities. Also – the mechanics of the collision are significant. For example – drivers without insurance fairly often have no driving licence: if the accident was contributed in part by inexperience of the person with no licence compensation could amounts could be diminished by a percentage. See the related link entitled “car driver injury claims” to see when car drivers can recover compensation.

In Florida If you were in an accident and was excluded from driving the car and it was not your fault can the insurance co make the holder of the car pay for the damages on the other car?

Response .
The insurance company is not going to force anyone to pay for damages to a car. The person that was driving the car and or the proprietor of that car that caused the accident is liable for the damages to the other vehicles involved in the accident. If there is insurance coverage for that harm then the insurance company will pay. However if the driver of the at fault vehicle is excluded from the insurance policy then the insurance company may be eased from it’s responsibility to pay on behalf of the holder of the vehicle.

You missed your insurance payment by two days had an accident that was not your fault is the other party pay for damages to your car through their insurance?

Reaction .
If you are truly not at fault and the other insurance company is admitting liability then you should have no problem. As a side note I have heard of periodic rumblings that some states may enact a “pay to play” law. This would mean that even the “not at fault” party in an accident would have to have a valid insurance policy at the time of the accident in order to receive payment from the “at fault” driver’s policy.

Are you responsible for paying your car rental if you were not at fault and the insurance fails to reach a timely agreement with the figure shop?

Response .

If you have rental insurance with your company they should pay it However if it wasn’t your fault and you know who was The other parties insurance should be paying for your rental car while yours is being immobile Sometimes its lighter for your own coverage to pay very first then they collect back from the responsible party Your rental coverage has thresholds however on how much they pay Find out from your adjuster what they are

Can you get rental car reimbursement even if you did not rent a car for an accident that was not your fault?

If you’re talking about submitting a rental claim to your insurance company to be reimbursed for a rental car you never rented, that’s insurance fraud. It’s a crime and you could go to jail. To response your question, which was if one could do it or not, yes. Yes you could. ReactionNo insurance co will reimburse unless you have proof for any addittional expenses.

If an at-fault party in a fender bender plans to pay for their own damages out-of-pocket are they required to demonstrate the car to their insurance company anyway?

Response .
you should always inform the insurer, regardless of the plans to have the other party pay out of pocket. You would not be wise to neglect doing so, as the insurers tend to run reports annually and will inevitably find out anyway.

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If you pay for the insurance or harm waiver on the rental car when you were not at fault can you get reimbursed for that expense If so how?

If the at-fault driver has utter coverage who pays for a rental car?

In Texas, The At Fault Driver’s Liability portion of their policy will pay for rental car usage at a maximum of 20 dollars per day for up to 30 days or until the such time as the Insurance company has made a reasonable suggest to lodge, whichever comes very first. This rule will vary by state. If the at-fault driver goes under their own policy to get repairs, they would have to have bought rental coverage to get a rental set up.

When you are not at fault for an accident does the insurance company owe for collision insurance that I buy on the rental car?

“No” , not in most cases. I am assuming for the sake of answering your question that the facts are similar to this; you were in an accident you were not at fault the other company has accepted liablity for the loss, and put you in a rental while your vehicle is being repaired you only had liablity coverage on your vehicle (the one in the shop). But of course need collision and comprehensive on the rental you are now using. They do not owe to pay for this coverage for you (subject to any state laws to the contrary, you could call your states dept of ins. for that reaction, but I know of no states that require this). The presumption is, you didn’t think it was necessary to cover your own vehicle for coll and comp so why would they pay for it on the rental? I know your vehicle was older, this one is fresh, etc. I totally understand, but I have seenvery fewof these where the ‘at fault’ company will provide this coverage, you can of course buy/pay for a harm waiver for this rental with the rental car company, or contact your agent, and ask if there is anything they can do about a ‘brief term’ collision and comp coverage for this rental (but again I doubt this too)…..sorry, If I can be of any further assistance please let me know more details and I will do my best to help.

Your car was hit by a stolen vehicle and bruised your insurance can’t help so you went to the persons who car it was insurance and they said you may have to pay for the damages ourself how can repair?

Response .
I’ve been an insurance adjuster for 20+ years so please let me see if I can help..
The other insurance company won’t pay for your damages because insurance policies do not cover people who don’t have permission to use the vehicle. .
If you do not have collision coverage on your own policy then you have three options..
1. Pay for the repairs yourself. .
2. Sue the thief and get a judgment against them. However, be aware that getting the judgment is not a assure of payment. The court will not be able to help you collect your money. .
3. I recommend this……Get in contact with the police to see if charges are going to be filed against the thief. Ask them who to contact about having your car damages included in any restitution the court orders the thief to pay. This can take a long time but it has the best odds of getting your money back..
Good Luck

Can the at-fault driver pay for damages even if they have insurance?

Response .
Yes, most insurance will permit you to make an, lump sum, out-of-pocket payment for the damages.

If you were involved in a multi car accident and you were not at fault does the party at fault have to pay for your damages?

I was in a Trio car accident. An uninsured motorist hit the car in front of me, the 2nd vehicle (who has insurance) then hit my car. Doesn’t the car who hit me become responsible for my damages? ResponseYes, the at fault party is responsible for your damages. ResponseKeep in mind, in multi vehicle accidents, usually, the responsible party’s insurance co. prorates the amounts paid (up to the policy’s limit) among the claimants, meaning that at the end you may still be owed money, which the only way to collect is if you sue the person at fault for the accident.

If a car was in an accident and the person driving had no licensed but was not at fault will the other persons insurance pay for damages because they were at fault?

Response .
Yes the insurance carrier of the person at fault will pay for the damages if they are in fact proved to be at fault. However you will be cited for driving without a license.

If your at fault in an accident there is no harm to your car but the others how much do you have to pay?

If you are at fault in an accident, You are responsible for any individual injuries and the reasonable cost of repair for for the harm to the other vehicle that you hit. The level of harm to your own vehicle does not mitigate the cost of the harm to the vehicle you hit. After all you still caused the harm and you are responsible for it.

You have insurance but they dont want to pay for the wreck and harm to the other car to get motionless so do you pay for it out of your pocket?

Response .
By law they have to pay for it! That’s why you have it.

My truck was hit I have no insurance I know I was not at fault will the fault party insurance pay for my damages?

Response .
Most likely not as the vehicle should not have been on the road at the time and you may get charged for driving without insurance. If it was in a parking lot you may be able to sue them in court to get your damages covered.

If you are buzzed but have an accident and the other party was at fault will insurance pay for your car damages?

NO your insurance will not pay because you were drinking and driving which is ILLEGAL. You were at fault. It doesnt matter if you were stopped and the other person hit you you were still driving under the influence. YOU SHOULD GO TO JAIL.

Is the at fault drivers insurance responsible for securing a rental car?

Insurance Claims and Rental Cars “No”, The insurer is not responsible for securing you a rental car, albeit they may owe you compensation for the costs. Some may assist you in making arrangements or locating a a rental car agency for you as a courtesy. The Rental car company makes its own policies as to whom they will rent a vehicle and whom they will not. The insured can not compel a rental car company to provide you a rental vehicle. You will have to qualify for the rental car yourself. The at fault party insurer can be required to “Reimburse” you for certain expenses incurred due to a loss of use of your vehicle, but “NO”, they don’t have to rent a car for you. It may, however, do so as a matter of good business and to engender good will. The question also calls into play the elements of damages to which you may be entitled as a victim of someone else’s negligence. If your car was rendered bruised so as to have lost the use of it (either permanently or while undergoing repair), “loss of use” damages are part of your recoverable damages. That is, you ordinarily have a claim against the adverse party not just for the repair cost of your car, but also for the loss of use of it. In many states, that element of damages is recoverable whether or not you actually rent a makeshift substitute vehicle. If your car was rendered a “total loss” as a result of a collision that was not your fault, you are likewise entitled to “loss of use” damages, and they can be measured by the reasonable cost to rent a like kind and quality aitomobile. However, in the case of a total loss, your right to loss of use damages (for example, a rental vehicle) may terminate when the adverse party, or his/her insurer pays you the actual cash value of your car (because you are thereby deemed to have been made entire).

If you are in an accident and it is your fault but you have no car insurance and can’t pay for the damages what will happen?

Unluckily, you can be sued for the other person’s damages. If the person you hit isn’t injured and has only a property harm claim, his or her most likely recourse is puny claims court where claims are capped at around $7,500 (check your state’s cap online). In this example he or she might seek reimbursement of the deductible, along with filing fees and possibly extra costs such as rental car reimbursement or even wages missed from work..
If the person was injured and makes a recovery under his or her uninsured motorist policy, the insurance company that paid damages can sueyoufor the amount it paid and possibly its attorney fees & costs. The most likely outcome in that event (or even in the property harm only screenplay) the other person/insurance company would get a judgment against you. That’s a pretty serious situation not only with respect to your credit rating, but your wages could also be garnished.

No rental insurance harm to rental car?

Renters wanting such coverage should check with their existing car insurance as their existing insurer may be able to add it to their regular yearly policy for a puny premium. This provides coverage from an insurance company that they know, instead of unregulated (from insurance standpoint) car-rental garment, which suggesting you may understand less.

If you pay for the insurance or harm waiver on the rental car when you were not at fault can you get reimbursed for that expense If so how?

Your son who has a car and his own car insurance used your car for the weekend he was in a accident the fault so far lies with the other driver whose insurance is responsible for the damages to your c?

The driver at fault is always responsible for damages incurred during an accident. The at fault insurance company is responsible for damages to your car.

Why is your car insurance so expensive?

because if you get in a wreck…your insurance has to pay for it and you have to pay alittle money to help them pay gor your accident. because if you get in a wreck…your insurance has to pay for it and you have to pay alittle money to help them pay gor your accident.

A car rear completes another car at a stop light the at fault drivers insurance is obligated to pay for what damages?

the at fault drivers insurance is obligated to pay for damages the insured caused up to the specified policy boundaries.

If you an uninsured motorist were involved in an accident that wasn’t my fault will the guilty party’s insurance pay for a rental car for you?

Your question is confusing. The way I read it, the one that caused the accident was uninsured, so how can that person’s insurance company pay for your rental car? He has no insurance company.

Why are Car Rentals So Expensive lately?

Lots of reasons but you hold the power as the renter. Be sure you compare numerous agencies rates, and if possible shop in advance to get the best rate. Never take insurance you do not need. Most private car insurance policies cover you in a rental Check with your agent if in doubt. Check with your credit card company to see if they suggest CDW and LDW as many Visa cards do so long as you rent using their card. .
very likely the bad economy

Does utter coverage insurance pay for a rental car?

Some policies automatically include a minimal amount ofrental reimbursementcoverage, but generally your policy includes no coverage for rental reimbursement if it is not listed with apremiumon yourdeclarationspage.

If you are in an accident where other driver is at fault and their insurance is covering car rental what can you do if insurance stops paying for car rental but car is still in shop being repaired?

Ask the insurance company why they are no longer paying the rental bill. If they have accepted liability the only reason they would stop paying would be due to the repair shop taking excessive time to finish the repairs. (In the insurance company’s opinion). Albeit you will be roped into this, it should be inbetween the insurance company and the bod shop. If the insurance company won’t budge ask the repair shop to pick up the remainder of the rental bill until repairs are accomplish. This is common in this industry.

Will your car insurance pay for car rental of a repro car.?

You may be able to purchase vehicle rental or replacement coverage, call your agent to see what it would be. It is usually very affordable.

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Where can you find a collision harm insurance waiver for a RV rental in Canada?

This document would be available from the RV rental company thatyou are dealing with as each company very likely has theirs slightlyaltered for their company.

Your parked car was struck by a moving vehicle and your collision insurance paid for your car harm. Can you sue the driver of the other vehicle for other expenses such as car rental?

More than likely you signed away your subrogation rights to yourinsurance company so that they can recoup the amount paid to fixyour vehicle. They will get his auto policy to reimburse them forthe payments they made to you. When and if they acquire All theMoney Owed, they will refund your deductible that you paid if any.

What is the amount that an insured person must pay before reimbursement for medical expenses commences?

Your health insurance policy will specify DEDUCTIBLE amounts on the Declarations page (usually the very first page) of the insurance policy. This is the amount that you must originally pay before the insurer is on the risk for any payment. Additionally, there are copayments, also specified in the policy, for which you will be responsible. These recognize that the insurer is only responsible for a portion of covered expenses incurred. An example is that the insurer would pay 80% of the covered expanse, and the copayment would therefore be 20%, which would be the insured’s responsibility.

What do insurance companies typically pay for car rentals?

Some of the basic coverages I have seen are anywhere from 20 to 30 dollars a day.

If you pay for the insurance or harm waiver on the rental car when you were not at fault can you get reimbursed for that expense If so how?

What are opinions on harm waiver insurance?

It was mostly a benefit for people who used Cash or Check as deposits, or had no insurance. People who had insurance or credit card coverage spotted the benefit in not having to file a claim or pay their deductible (usually 500 dollars) The real benefit was in brief term or weekend rentals. If you had the car for 1 or Two days, you would totally shove “Dub”. Its worth paying for it for brief team deals.

When in a car accident that is not your fault dose the other Insurance company pay for the car rental Insurance?

Yes, as long as you had comprehensive and collision insurance on your own policy. Rental companies require you to have these and the other party will not pay for them.

Will the Insurance Company pay for a rental car if the accident is your fault and if you have total coverage ins?

Only if you have bought the extra coverage to have a rental. “Total coverage” usually just means you bought liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance.

Do you pay insurance on a insurance co provided rental car?

In the case of Enterprise, yes. If your auto insurance covers the cost of a car rental while your own is being repaired, that coverage typically only covers the base cost of the rental itself, and not any extra fees such as accident insurance on the rental car, extra authorized drivers, etc. Be aware that the amount that insurance policies provide for rental cars is typically much lower than the rental car would normally go for. Many agencies, Enterprise included, have special rates for insurance claim customers (which is why you are required to present a claim number from your insurance company for rental purposes), and the rental agencies are familiar to dealing with insurance companies. Insurance rentals make up a substantial portion of rental business.

How do rental car agencies profit from selling Collision harm waivers?

It’s a petite extra fee per day, so it increases the revenue from each rental customer. The risk is relatively distributed. That is, of 100 people who buy the harm waiver, perhaps Two will get into an accident. Overall, this is still profitable for the company. It’s actually a good deal for the customer. Many people believe that their own auto insurance policy covers rental cars, but this is usually not the case (or the coverage is partial). One exception that I know about is AAA auto insurance. If you buy the total coverage on a rental car at the time of rental, it typically fully absolves you of any liability in the event the car is bruised. You don’t pay a deductible (or the amount is diminished), and the incident does not go on your record. This protects your own insurance premium from going up. It’s significant to note that in many cases, you are still considered responsible for harm to a rental car that isn’t your fault, such as striking road debris. As with all rental contract details, you should read your contract cautiously and ask for clarification of company policies. Don’t assume that what I have said above applies to all situations.

Will rental insurance pay for wind harm to roof on a rental house?

This is not a covered peril on a tenants renters insurance policy. Nor should it be. This is the landlords responsibility.

Who pays for the damages to your vehicle if a rental car is at fault?

It all depends on whether the renter signed up for the car rental company’s extra insurance coverage at the beginning of the rental. If LDW (Loss Harm Waiver) or CDW (Collision Harm Waiver) insurance coverage was accepted by the renter, you will likely be dealing with the car rental company’s insurance. If the renter declined the extra coverage, then you will deal directly with the renter’s private insurance provider.

Should your employer pay for rental car insurance?

The entire question is this: I rent cars on a weekly basis for almost 6 months / year, mostly in the US on behalf of my employer. In the past I have been purchasing insurance from the rental companies and my employer has been reimbursing these costs. I recently suggested that my employer purchase car insurance on my behalf to cover my rentals and my liability as it would be much less expensive than purchasing from the rental car companies. Here is the issue / question: My employer claims that my individual car insurance will be the primary insurance even if they were to purchase another policy to cover me. Because of this they would like me to simply rely on my individual insurance – make sure it covers rental cars – and leave it at that. My question is whether or not they are correct? It seems to me that they should be covering me if I am working for them. It also seems to me that if an accident happens while I am working it will raise THEIR insurance rates, not my individual insurance rates. They claim that this is not the case. My individual rates would be affected even if they were covering me. On a related note – some credit cards cover loss or harm of the rental car itself. I asked them to provide me with a card in their name – for this too they claim that it doesn’t matter if it is insured on my individual card or their card. What do you think?

Should you contact the at fault insurance company for car damages?

No you don’t have to call the at fault insurance company. You have to get the information from other driver, give this information to your insurance company/agent. You have to get the collision report from reporting center. If the harm is more than $1000 and somebody is injured too, you may call police and send the police report copy to your insurance co.

Will your insurance company still pay for the damages to your car if your daughter who has no drivers license and who was not at fault for the accident drives the car at time of accident?

Very likely not, as most policies only cover drivers not listed on the policy if they were given permission to drive. If you gave your unlicensed daughter permission to drive, then you can be issued a ticket. However, if the accident was not your daughter’s fault, then the at fault party is responsible for the harm they caused to your vehicle, regardless if the other party was licensed or not.

What if an employer turns down to pay reimbursable expenses?

If your employer agreed to reimburse you for legitimate expenses and is refusing to, one option would be to menace to file a civil lawsuit against them to force them to pay. However, the negative aspect to doing so is that the employer may terminate your employment unless you have a employment contract.

Why are car rentals so expensive in Sacramento?

This is just an educated guess, but I would suspect high request combined with the fact that Sacramento is the state capital. There is a lot of rental travel to and within that area on political business, particularly lobbyist groups for organizations like the Teamsters and the SEIU.

Will your insurance pay for the damages in an at fault accident even if the driver of your car is uninsured in your policy?

The real reaction is that you should talk to your insurance agent,because laws vary from location to location. However, in most states, what’s being insured is thecar ,not thedriver . If you give permission to someone to driveyour car and they get in an accident and it’s their fault, usuallyyour insurance company is going to be primarily liable for thedamages. Your insurance company will most likely pay (up to the limitsof your coverage, at least), and raise your insurance rates. Even if you didn’t explicitly give permission, in mostjurisdictions permission is assumed if the driver was a friend orfamily member. If you did not give them permission, you’re probablygoing to be asked to throw them under the bus and testify that they stoleyour car. One complicating factor is that while what’s insured is the car,theratesare set partially based on the car (some carscost more to fix, so will have higher comprehensive and uninsuredmotorist rates) and partly based on the drivers’ records (highercollision rates). If there’s a driver in your household with a poordriving record, you may get a cheaper rate by promising theinsurance company “Oh, no, he’s not going to drivethis car, he’s going to drive a different car insured by some otherinsurer, so you don’t have to worry about his driving record.” If you live in a state that permits you to exclude drivers from yourpolicy, and the driver was a person that you specifically excluded,your insurance company might be permitted to say “Hey, you said CrashBandicoot here wasnotgoing to be driving yourcar, and lo and behold, hediddrive your car, liar liarpants on fire, youpay for this, pal.” They maynot be permitted to wriggle off the hook entirely, but they probablywill at least be permitted to use drastically diminished coverageamounts, leaving a large bill for you to deal with. Crash’sinsurance (if he has any) may, or may not, kick in.

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