In Texas how old do you have to be in order to have your own auto insurance policy?

In Texas how old do you have to be in order to have your own auto insurance policy?Any legal driving age can obtain insurance in Texas. If you are a minor then your parents or legal gaurdian will have to countersign your application.

Can you get fresh auto insurance if you let your old policy expire?

Switching Auto Insurance CompaniesYes, Of Course you can. Just call the insurance company of your choice and ask for a quote. It is enormously common for people to shop fresh rates upon expiration of the old insurance policy. Many people overpay for their insurance simply due to not shopping around at renewal time. In Fact, it is the most common time and is even recommended by most agents as the ideal time to shop around for a fresh rate is upon the expiration of the previous policy. Most Insurance companies are fully aware that renewal time is the best time to pick up fresh insurance customers and may suggest you a discount of Five to Ten percent to transfer your business to their company. Blessed Motoring and shop that Rate to save some money. Fresh auto insuranceThere might be an internal “30-day rule” within certain companies, but you can get insurance with a fresh company. You may have to do a bit of footwork, and it might not be with a standard carrier, but it is possible. A carrier with this “rule” is most likely just wanting to verify what kind of customer you’d be, particularly in the area of premium payments (are you always on time? regularly late?). Insurance companies are, after all, businesses … they want to know you’ll be a good client. Do some shopping around, however, and you’ll find coverage. Once you’ve established coverage, however, reminisce to go back and do some more shopping, especially for better rates.

Can a minor in the state of Georgia have their own auto insurance policies or do they have to be placed on their parents’ insurance?

Insurance under Legitimate .
Yes, you can but its best to be under you parents policy… Since the price will be “Very High” since your under Legitimate.

Can a 17 year old get his own auto insurance?

This would depend on the state where the car is to be insured. The best thing to do is to contact the state auto insurance bureau or DMV to see what the confinements are for a minor to own a car and to have his/her own insurance on it. More information: .
Only if the parent or guardian signs along with that 17 year old .
Good question! A 17-year-old is not considered legally able to contract, but certainly old enough to drive. I’d expect that most companies would require a parent’s signature to validate it. And if they are emancipated they certainly can. .
Yes, you will need to begin making phone calls to local insurance companies but there shouldn’t be any reason that you couldn’t. Now price may be another issue. .
Depends on company most likely. With my company you would have to be Legal, or legally emancipated. .
Also do you mean in there own household, or in an existing insured household but rated on your own car? .
Yes, you should be able to get your own policy. You may very well pay a very high price for it but you should be able to do this. .

How old do you have to be to have your own insurance policy?

As old as your state says you have to be to own a vehicle and / or drivers license. Check state specific laws and post the response here for others in the same situation.

Is it legal for your auto insurance to add your 19yr old to your policy as a secondary driver knowing he possesses his own car and has his own insurance?

from A Texas General AgentYes, They can do that, but only if you fail to proclaim him as driver or exclude him from coverage. You can still avoid having him on your policy by excluding him from your policy after the fact. Just finish a form 515A to exclude him from coverage. After filing the 515A with your insurer they are no longer permitted to place him on your policy nor charge you for it. They will also not be responsible if he subsequently has an accident in your vehicle. Since he already has his own insurance and the liability portion of an auto policy will go after the driver to a loaned vehicle, this should not be a problem, so long as he keeps up his payments on his own policy. Many Insurers and Insurance Agents will not voluntarily disclose this information to you however. This is because Insurance agents work on commission, the larger your insurance bill, the more they make, any percentage of Two dollars is more than the same percentage for 1 dollar . Fairly naturally having a Nineteen year old fresh driver on your policy will send your payments sky high. So they will always advise you to leave him on your policy and attempt to coax you it is for your own protection. Most youthful masculine drivers will eventually suffer a loss of some type whether it be major or minor. Should they be driving on your insurance policy when this happens, Your premiums will increase accordingly for the next three to five years. again the more you pay the more they make. If your insurer rejects to provide you with the necessary exclusion form, You should report them to your State Insurance Department as this would be considered an unethical practice and a means of gouging the public. I would also advise you to find another Insurance Company if you determine unethical practices on the part of your insurer. I always advise my customers to place freshly licensed youthful drivers on a separate policy of their own. This is to protect you, the Parent from unacceptable rate increases on your policy. Yes, an insurance company will always want all the family members living in the same house on the policy, because it is their belief that eventually, there will come a time, when the son or daughter has to use the car just for one errand, and if they get into an accident, the company is going to instantly deny the claim. So, this is not only for the insurance company’s protection, but yours as well since you would be stuck with the bills after they deny the claim. Any more questions, email me at [email protected] Sean IL Licensed Insurance Producer

What are the seven parts of auto insurance policies?

Response .

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I guess it depends, most policies have these coverages, some standard some optional..
LiabilityProperty HarmMedical PaymentsCollisionOther Then Collision (Comprehensive)Uninsured MotoristsUnderinsured MotoristsRental Reimbursement.
Each state varies, some might be suggested or not.

How can you find someone’s auto insurance policy?

Reaction .
You can’t unless they tell you who they are insured with. Who a person is insured with or even if they have insurance is a private matter inbetween the insured and the insurance company. Now, if there is an accident and the police come to the scene they will collect that information and put it in the accident report. This is why it is crucial to always call the police to the scene of the accident no matter how much the other person begs to give them a break. Always, always!!! call the police to the scene of an accident. The exception is if the accident is on private property.

If the insured cancels their own auto insurance policy how is the comeback premium calculated and is there a penalty?

Reaction .
If you cancel your policy is will most likely be short-rated which means you will be penalized for canceling. There are published factors but I can’t give you the brief rate factor without knowing the dates of the policy.

If you stir out of your parent’s house and you were originally on your parent’s policy for auto insurance do you need to get your own policy because you live in another residence?

Reaction .
Typically the holder of the car insures the car and lists all drivers of that vehicle regardless of where a driver may live. I own a vehicle that my father in-law keeps at his place. I have the vehicle listed on my own policy and him as an operator.

Does your 16 year old need auto insurance even tho’ he does not own a car?

Reaction .
All regular drivers of a vehicle need to be listed as drivers on that vehicles insurance policy, even if they don’t own the vehicle. Failure to disclose an operator could be determined to be insurance fraud and grounds for the denial of a claim. If a 16 year old has a driver’s license but does not drive vehicles in the household an official exclusion should be placed on the policy that aknowledges that there is a licensed driver in the household that does not use the vehicles.

What is collision and comprehensive on an auto insurance policy?

I am a licensed insurance agent. Comp is if your vechile is stolen, or bruised by something other than a car which you will have to pay the dec. Coll is if you get into a car accident and say the person did not have insurance then your coll would kick in. But in most cases there property harm will cover you depending on the state. I am from Florida and it is a no falt state so it doesnt matter. You need to check with your agent and see your dectibable. I would suggest uninsured motorist just in case they don’t have insurance your medical will be paid. But that has nothing to do with the com/coll. hope it helped.Tammy

If you are listed under your beau’s auto policy as a driver can you add the car you own to his auto insurance coverage or does he have to own the vehicle?

adding yourself to his insurance .
If you are listed as a friver you should be covered under his insurance which means you should be able to add your vehicle as wee.

In Texas how old do you have to be in order to have your own auto insurance policy?

Can an 18-year-old get auto insurance without wielding the car?

This question is a little confusing. You specifically state “the” car, so there must be a specific car that you drive on a fairly regular basis??? Otherwise, I will reaction as however you don’t own any car, and you don’t have a specific car that is available for your regular use. A Bond is one method of being ‘insured’ while you drive “A” vehicle. They are available from numerous carriers. Not all carriers provide this; it is reserved for high risk drivers and some carriers provide no products at all for ‘non standard’ drivers. It doesn’t insure you in any particularly car; rather, it goes after the bondholder. Another product, available in SOME states and only by SOME carriers, is a “Non Possessed Auto Insurance Policy”. It will provide an actual policy with policy language much like a regular auto policy, except that it will act much like the bond mentioned above. It covers the driver and not a specific automobile.

Can you get an auto insurance policy if you do not own a vehicle?

Reaction, I did in Oregon & Washington .
I did in Oregon last year (2005)with Progressive. But it cost an extra $15 a month. You can in Washington also for extra $.

Can you get auto insurance if you do not own a car?

Response .
Yes you can, it’s called a named non-owned policy. It covers you to drive a vehicle you do not own, and it only covers you to drive a vehicle that does not have insurance. If you borrow a friends car and have a name non-woned vehicle and have an accident, the insurance goes after the vehicle, so their insurance will pay. That company may subrogate and come after you then it would be up to your insurance company to determine if they’d accept liability.

Can you have your own auto insurance policy if you are under the age of Legal?

More Questions! .
Interesting question! You aren’t legally able to contract unless you are Legitimate in most states. But there is nothing illegal about you possessing a car. But is the title in your name? Can a minor hold title to a vehicle? I’ve looked through a number of state sites and don’t see anything about the age someone has to be to title a vehicle. I hope someone has more information on this one!

Can a 16 year old driver get his own auto insurance policy or must he be on his parents policy if he lives in the home with them?

Reaction .
A 16-year-old is not legally able to contract with the insurance company unless he has been emancipated. Which leaves him to work with his parents or another adult to acquire the insurance.

Does Texas have a No-Fault insurance policy?

According to, Texas is one of the states which has some form of no-fault law.

What auto insurance companies permit 17 year olds to get their own insurance?

Almost every auto insurance company requires your parents to signyour policy or for you to be listed under theirs. There are noknown insurance companies who will insure a 17 year old bythemselves.

Can you have your own auto insurance policy if you live at home with your parents?

Yes, you can have your own auto insurance policy. If you are a minor tho’, you will need your legal gaurdian to countersign your application for insurance coverage.

Your 20 year old daughter lives at home with her own auto insurance do you have to exclude her on your own policy?

Response .
No, you do nothaveto exclude her, but if she is rated on your policy and you are paying that higher premium andwantto exclude her to reduce that you might be able to, but recall if she’s an excluded driverunder no circumstancesshould she ever drive that car, as there will benocoverage, on your vehicle or the others she damages should she have an accdient in it that is her fault.

What is Surcharges and Discounts on Auto insurance Policy?

Surcharge: Extra premium amounts charged to a policy due to ticket, at fault acccidents, higher risk, youthful or inexperienced driver, etc… Discounts: Credits that can be applied to part or all of the coverages on a policy: Anti lock brakes, alarm system, airbags, multi-car, association membership (like AARP) Hope that helps..
Surcharge :Extra reasons : bad credit history, claim frequency is high, tickets, DUI (driving under influence) , speeding, teenagers, over 70+,.

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Discounts :Additions to above : Internet buying (few companies), good driving record, good grades for teenagers, numerous car policies with same insurance company, numerous coverages (auto +home), no traffic violations for more than Three years, defensive driving, driver training courses, higher deductibles.

How do you find auto insurance policy of a person?

ReactionIf you were in an accident with this person and a police report was filed, the police department will likely have this information. If a police report was not filed, you can either file a report after the fact or take the person to petite claims court. The police and/or judge may be able to compel person in question to disclose the information.

Your 21 year old son had his own insurance policy and was recently killed in an auto accident. Who is responsible for any medical expenses not covered under his policy?

Reaction .
I’m sorry to hear of your loss. His Estate would be responsible. For more details, go after the link to FAQ’s on probate, etc.

How can I drop my Legal year old son from auto insurance policy?

Reaction from a General Agent .
Yes, You can drop anyone from coverage on your Auto insurance policy regardless of age or relationship..
Contact your Insurer or your Insurance Agent and have him eliminated from your policy. You may also need to sign a form 515A to have the driver excluded by name. Many Insurers will “Falsely” claim that you cannot eliminate a child or other household residents from your policy but just be persistent. If your insurer rejects to liquidate or exclude the driver then they are likely attempting to gouge you for extra premium and you should contact another insurer.

In Texas how old do you have to be in order to have your own auto insurance policy?

If you have your own auto insurance policy for a different car will you be covered if you drive a car not on your policy?

If the vehicle not listed on the policy is a fresh car that you have recently purchased, you generally have 30 to notify your insurance company of the switch. If the vehicle you are driving is just a friends car then, no. Insurance is primary to the vehicle and it is significant that the proprietor of the car have insurance on it and that any drivers of the car be listed as covered on their policy. There are exceptions to everything and these rules will vary by company. It’s best to check directly with your insurance company for questions like this.

Can you get an auto insurance policy with no vehicle?

Yes, In the United States, It’s called a Private Non-owners Insurance Policy, sometimes referred to as a “Drivers Policy” or an “Operators policy”. Non Owners insurance however is intended for “unplanned, unexpected” usage. It is limited secondary coverage (liability only) that only invokes once the vehicle owners policy boundaries are weakened. A private Non owners Auto insurance policy generally does not provide coverage for a rental vehicle since a rental vehicle typically includes a reservation and several deeds in a course of a “plan” to rent the vehicle. It does not provide coverage for a commercial vehicle of any type since it is a private lines policy, (Individual lines auto polices do not cover commercial vehicles) nor for any vehicle that you drive on a regular (expected) basis or that you have regular (expected) access to. If you are considering a Non Owners Auto Insurance policy, be sure to discuss the coverage suggested with a qualified insurance agent. Your agent can explain the limitations of coverages afforded and help you determine if it’s right for you. The rules of Policy construct may vary in other countries. ReactionYES, I can verify this, it’s a national policy and will be good for any vehicle you drive anywhere. But you do not need it. If you do NOT OWN A Vehicle of your own, registered in YOUR NAME, At your address, (They do not check) you will automatically are covered under that vehicle owners policy no matter what happens.”

Can you get auto insurance on your parents’ policy?

Yes, however I have seen a few cases where you may run into trouble. For example in an odd set of circumstances where a child lived with Grandma and because she was not the legal guardian they would not permit it as a permitted driver… this is uncommon and we were obviously able to find her another company but it can happen…. long story brief, you should have no problem.

Can a minor in the state of Florida have their own auto insurance policies or do they have to be placed on their parents’ insurance?

In the state of Florida a minor cannot have an auto insurance policy unless a parent signs for it. Usually if said minor lives with their parents they are usually just put on their parent’s policy

Average Texas auto insurance?

The average cost of insurance in Texas is about $800. There aremany factors that determine YOUR price however.

Can a 25 year old child be on their parents auto insurance policy?

Certainly. You can insure any licensed driver you want as an operator of your vehicles.

How do you get auto insurance license in Texas?

Anyone who wants to sell auto insurance in Texas is required to take an insurance licensure exam. At very first, you need to determine if you want to sell Private Auto Insurance or Commercial Auto Insurance because these are two different licenses. You must have an educational background related to Finance, Marketing, Economics, Accounting, or Business Administration. Auto insurance is significant to protect yourself, your cars, and other people on the road. The Texas Department of Insurance websites provides links to accredited online exam providers.

Can you be auto insured under your uncles policy?

It depends on which company your uncle is insured with, but typically with a standard insurance company you have to live in the household to be a listed driver on the policy. This is regardless of your relationship to the primary insured. If you are not listed on the policy as I driver you are still insured to drive his vehicles as long as you have permissive use.

Is it best for your dependent daughter to have her own auto insurance policy or add her to your policy?

Add her to your policy, but make her understand this is to help her out, and if she behaves irresponsibly, she on her own for insurance coverage .

At what age should you add an Eighteen year old to auto insurance policy?

Whatever age you are at when the Legal year old gets their permit to commence driving!

What is a writer on an auto insurance policy?

Auto insurance companies hire insurance underwriters, who can also be referred to as writers, to underwrite the risk a driver poses to the company. Underwriters determine how much a policyholder will pay for their insurance rates based on how much risk they carry. If a driver has tickets and accidents, an underwrite will rate them accordingly. Underwriters are very significant in insurance because they make sure that policyholders pay the correct rates to prevent the insurance company from going bankrupt.

Can you get auto insurance if your auto policy is canceled?

Yes. Sounds like you haven’t had insurance for a while. You’ll most likely need non-standard auto.

In Texas how old do you have to be in order to have your own auto insurance policy?

Do you need to carry auto insurance on your Legal year old if he has his own policy on his own vehicle in the state of NC?

Generally an Legal year old is an adult and it his their responsibility to carry insurance on his own vehicle.

How do you get out of an auto insurance policy early?

If you have an auto insurance policy, and you want to either switch companies or cancel your coverage because your vehicle is no longer in commission, you have the right to do so. While the process of cancelling a policy will vary amongst insurers, most insurers will request a letter of cancellation in writing with your policy number, requested date of cancellation, and your signature to cancel your policy. If your vehicle is non-operable, some states will require proof of the date you reported the vehicle as a non-op to the DMV. If you are switching companies, you may be requested to provide a copy of the declarations page from the fresh insurer demonstrating the effective date of the policy to backdate the cancellation. While some companies do not charge a fee for cancellation, others will brief rate your premium and charge a percentage of the unearned premium if you cancel your contract before renewal.

What is a non-standard auto insurance policy?

A non-standard auto insurance carrier is an insurance company that insures higher risk drivers – such as drivers with numerous tickets or accidents and/or poor credit.

Does the cosigner on an auto loan have to be on the insurance policy?

By co-signing the loan, they are ensuring that you will repay the loan. They do not need to be on the auto insurance policy, but it would be in their best interest.

Can a 23 year old as a licensed driver be covered on parent’s auto insurance policy?

Sure, The policy possessor can add any driver to their auto insurance policy, In fact, If you are a regular driver the possessor is required to disclose such and list you as a scheduled driver, otherwise the insurance company could deny coverage in the event of an accident involving an unscheduled driver. It does not matter if your related or not.

How much would auto insurance cost for a 15 year old in Texas?

It depends on too many factors for us to narrow it down much, but as a ballpark figure, a lot . Your insurance provider will be able to reaction this question for you based on your specific vehicle and the type of coverage you want.

Can a lender enforce a auto insurance policy?

A lender can force you to have a current auto policy because they want to make sure their vehicle will be paid for if an accident happens.

Who can own a life insurance policy on you?

A hubby can buy a life insurance for his wifey. Spouse becomes the proposer and he is also the beneficiary in case of any unfortunate death of wifey. Similarly a working wifey can also propose a policy for her spouse. Father or mother can take out a life insurance policy for their children. Children cannot take out life insurance policy on their parents name as there is no insurable interest for them to do so. Almost anyone with relationship interest can be the possessor of someone else’s life insurance policy. The further eliminated the proposed proprietor is form the insured, the stiffer it will be to explain ownership. Note that corporations can also be the holder of policies.

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Can a 17 year old purchase his own auto insurance in NJ?

Most insurance companies would not permit this to happen because firstly an insurance application and policy together make up a legally tying contract. A person under Legal years of age are not able to be party to a legally roping contract.

Does a household member need to be specifically added to an auto insurance policy in Minnesota even if they do not own any vehicles covered under the policy?

I’m not sure about Minnesota in particular but most policies state that you are required to list all household members and regular drivers on your policy. This means that everyone needs to be listed.

How to train businesses on auto policy insurance?

The best way to train businesses on auto policy insurance is to review the entire policy in detail, especially going through any exceptions to the policy.

Can a l7 year old have their own car insurance policy in Georgia?

Most insurance companies will not permit a 17 year old to own and insure their own vehicle. I have a duo of insurance companies that do permit them to have a policy. The reason I don’t recommend to my customers that they not permit a 17 year old own a vehicle and iisurance their vehicle in their name is that they are not a legal adult under the terms of the lay. An insurance quote along with the policy itself make up a legally biniding agreement. A 17 year old is not technically permitted to sign a legal document.

Who possesses state Auto insurance?

State Auto Insurance Company is a large insurance company that writes auto, home, and other lines of insurance in most states. I don’t believe it is part of another group but it possesses other insurance companies as subsidiaries of State Auto.

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