What should your Deductible for car insurance be?

What should your Deductible for car insurance be?Well the higher your deductible, the lower your insurance premium will be. However, your deductible should be something you can afford in case of a loss.

If someone hits your parked car does their insurance company pay and do you still pay your deductible?

If you determine to go through your carrier — and assuming your policy doesn’t have a provision for waiving your deductible under these circumstances — then, yes, you’ll have to pay your deductible. Your carrier will then pursue the at-fault party for all monies paid, including your deductible. Keep in mind that applying your deductible has nothing to do with liability. It doesn’t matter if your car was parked and unoccupied, or if you were rear-ended. Rather, the deductible is the portion you agreed to pay in the event of ANY loss, regardless of liability. If the at-fault carrier agrees to pay for the damages (which they should, given the facts-of-loss), then you’re correct: You wouldn’t pay your deductible. Your deductible applies only if you’re going through your own carrier, and even then, the at-fault party still owes for ALL the damages. By avoiding your own carrier, you shouldn’t have to pay out-of-pocket for any of the damages. Also, if you do determine to go through your own carrier, they might waive your deductible if they confirm that the at-fault driver has active insurance, and if they confirm that the other carrier is willing to pay. A private practice: When I called my insurance company about this, they told me that if the at-fault person’s insurance company (I’m assuming they’re at fault since they hit a parked car) assumes liability (again, since they’re most likely liable) they’ll cover the damages and I won’t have the pay the deductible. Did I hear this wrong? Also, I live in Pennsylvania, and from what I hear our insurance laws are a little goofy.

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If your loaner car was totaled and you do not have insurance what should you do?

get a good job…………you will (assuming you are at fault for this loss) be require to pay for the totaled vehicle………

If someone drives your car with your permission and has an accident who should pay for the items not covered by your insurance such as deductible and alternate transportation etc?

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That is inbetween you and your friend and how much you want to remain friends with this person. This question might be better suited for Dr. Phil or Oprah.

If a car is vandalized in a municipal lot should the city pay the deductible?

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Most times the response is no. Go to parking lot and there should be signs posted that they are NOT responsible for any vandalisim to your car while it is parked there. If there ARE NO signs, your in luck, and might be able to recover deductible.

What should you do if you were hit by a car with insurance and you don’t have insurance?

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File a claim with the other party’s carrier and hope that they accept liability for the incident, otherwise you may learn a lesson the hard way.

If you permitted a friend to drive your car and he totaled it but his insurance company subtracted 500 from the check for the deductible why do you pay for his deductible?

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Because this was an at-fault incident, the 500.00 deductible is your responsibility. You as the proprietor of the vehicle permitted your friend to drive the car to begin with. Your friend in all fairness should pay you the 500 dollars..
I’m a bit confusedWhy is your friend’s insurance paying you? Your own comprehensive/collision policy should pay you (less the deductible) and then “subrogate” the claim to your friend’s auto or general liability insurance or sue him directly if he has no insurance and send you the deductible after they have collected.

Are you responsible for the deductible on the insurance of the car you hit if you do not have insurance?

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If you were legally at fault, you are responsible to pay all damages to other vehicle. Even if you pay the other persons deductible, that insurance co. will come after you for total amount. The person that you gave the money to for their deductible will then have to give some of that back to insurance co., if they find out that deductible was given to him (her) by you.

When should you get car insurance?

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You should get car insurance when you have your drivers license and you are regularly driving a car. With you license it is legal to drive someone else’s car on a uncommon occasion as long as they have insurance, you will be covered. This however cannot be habit, and must not be part of a regular routine (borrowing the car every Thursday).
So if you own a car, have your drivers license, or regularly drive someone elses car, you should have insurance or be put as an occasional driver on someone elses car.

Is there an insurance deductible on glass?

It depends on your coverage. Glass is typically comprehensive and some policies have ded’s and some don’t. You may want to check with your insurance company as all policies and companies differ. Additionally, many States expressly prohibit insurers from imposing deductibles on winshield replacement claims. The public policy basis for this is so that owners/drivers will not be dissuaded from having windshields substituted for financial reasons. A bruised windshield can result in visibility/safety issues, and it is in the public interest to avoid these.

What is a health insurance deductable?

It’s basically the amount of (in this case, medical) expenses that an insured person has to pay before the insurance kicks in and starts to pay. The trend is to modify the basic “all or nothing” deductible concept to include “co-pays”, where the insurance pays for certain types of services (such as an annual health examination) even before the deductible is met, with the insured paying a token amount (say, $Ten) for the service and the insurance picking up the rest. This is beneficial for both parties: the insured doesn’t have to come up with the total cost of the exam, and the exam may detect a condition early, while it can be treated lightly and cheaply (therefore saving the insurance company money in the long run).

If you accidentally hit your wifey’s car with your car and both vehicles are insured on the same policy will you have to pay two deductibles or will it be treated as a single accident?

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You need to check with your agent. In some cases, accidents involving relatives are not covered.

You are borrowing a car how should you insure it?

You must display ownership of the car before insuring it in your name in most states. If you attempt to get around that, your insurance wont pay if you wreck, trust me I know very first arm.

What should your Deductible for car insurance be?

Should you get your car stationary with insurance money?

Fixing a car with insurance money depends on a few things. If youare at fault and file an insurance claim, it is likely yourpremiums will be higher for the next few years. The severity of thedamage may determine your decision. If it is a puny issue, or onethat does not affect the spectacle of the vehicle, it may be onethat you just determine to live with. Also, if your deductible is highor the cost of the repairs is low, it may not be cost effective touse insurance money. An older model may not be monetarily worthfixing if it is a petite issue either.

Are car insurance deductibles cumulative or per claim?

Car insurance deductibles are the amount which the policy holdermust pay out of their own pocket in the event of an accident. It isstandard for deductibles to be applicable for each claim.

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What is an insurance deductible?

A deductible is the amount that the insured has agreed to pay before the insurer is obliged to pay anything on a covered claim. It can be considered to be an amount for which the insured has agreed to “self-insure”. In general, there is a correlation inbetween deductibles and premium, in that a higher deductible will correlate with a lower premium.

If you scrape your own car should you contact your insurance company to get it immovable The bodyshop’s estimate was 1800 and my deductible is 500?

Minor scrapes can be repaired lightly at a reputable figure shop. There is no need to involve your insurance company unless you feel the harm is fairly extensive – most likely your “deductable” will be higher than the actual cost of the repair if it is just a minor scrape.

What is health insurance deductible?

That’s the amount of money you have to pay before the insurance company will pay anything. Sometimes it’s $500 sometimes it’s much higher.

Should health insurance be deducted from paycheck before or after taxes?

Normally it is before…it is a non taxable fringe benefit. (MCCain wants to switch that). My employer said it is not. I believe there is a scam that my employer is doing with our payroll checks.

Where do you file a claim to sue for deductible from a car accident involving a car with no insurance with no insurance?

If I understand your question you are attempting to recover a deductible you incurred due to the fault of the other driver who was uninsured? If this is the case it may depend on the state in which you live and what coverage you may or may not carry. If you are from CA, we have what is called UMCDW or uninsured motorist collision deductible waiver, which if you were carrying this type coverage as part of your auto policy, it would pay your deductible if your vehicle were hit by an at fault, identifiable uninsured driver. If you do not have similar coverage on your policy or in your state, you may simply have to file a claim in puny claims court to recover your deductible and good luck. In many cases if you are dealing with an uninsured driver, even if you win judgement you still have to be able to collect it…sometimes the hardest part! In the future you may want to consider a product called CDRP which is a Collision Deductible Reserve Plan to insure your deductible is always available for you when you need to use it. It is a very wise financial budge that can not only save you hundreds if not thousands on your car insurance premiums but would give you peace of mind knowing your deductible is always there when you need it! You can learn more about this incredible product at TheFiveMinuteMove.com .

How soon after getting a car should you get insurance?

it’s the next thing you do..
I think in all states its illegal to drive a car without insurance. And in most states you can’t get license plates or register the car without proof you have insurance. So you are expected to have insurance as soon as you plan to drive it.

Your daughter was driving your car out of Fresh York State and a deer hit the car the car is registered and insured in Fresh York Sstate should you have to pay the deductible?

Yes. The deductible is applicable regardless of fault, location, or anything for that matter. You agreed to pay a portion of the damages when you signed your policy contract. The deductible is your portion. It’s sort of like a co-pay.

If you get into a car accident and the other person does not have insurance do you still pay the deductible?

This depends on many factors, including the capability of the other person to pay for your damages. Some insurance policies will not require you to pay a deductible. Others will. If the other person can pay for the damages, you and your insurance will not have to pay.

Can insurance deductible be deducted?

Unreimbursed medical expenses are only deductible in the year that they are paid as a part of all other unreimbursed medical expenses on the schedule A itemized deductions of the 1040 tax form subject to the 7.5% of adjusted gross income limit. The amount over the 7.5%limit is added to all of your other itemized deductions on the schedule A tax form.

If your ex deducted her fresh car on your taxes and then in the divorce said it was a bounty from her father what should you do?

I don’t understand what she would deduct??? If the car is used for business, she can take mileage and maintenance, and while the state sales tax may be partially deductible, the cost of the car is not. to my skill. Nor are the licencing and registration. The safe thing to do is ask an accountant about deducting cars on taxes. If you file jointly, you might want to amend the comeback to avoid an IRS flag (if the accountant says what she did was wrong.) But if any of your income has gone toward the cost of maintaining the car or paying any other expense related to that car, and if you have proof of purchase on that car, you can be certain that it will be considered a joint marital asset, especially if she deducted it on taxes, since gifts are not reported on your tax statements if they are under the allowable amount of (I think) $12K per parent gifted to each child per year or a total of $24K.

Do you want a high insurance deductible?

It depends on the person. The advantage to a higher deductible is lower premiums, however, the disadvantage is having to come up with a large sum of money if you’re involved in an at-fault accident. A good question to ask yourself is (for example, if your deductible is $1000), “If I’m involved in an accident that is my fault, can I come up with $1000 quickly?”

What should your Deductible for car insurance be?

Who do pay your car insurance deductible to?

Your deductible only gets paid in the event of a claim. For example, you tap a light pole in the mall parking lot. The pole is ok but your car is bruised. If you have comprehensive coverage on your car, your insurance company will pay a claim to have it repaired. So, you get a assets shop who says it will cost $1,400 to fit it. If your deductible is, say, $500.00, your insurance company cuts a check to the assets shop for $900.00 which is the difference inbetween the harm repair bill and the deductible. Thus, you must come up with the $500.00 amount.

What is a heath insurance deductible?

Its what you are required to pay out-of-pocket before your insurance will cover the costs of your medical bills. Sometimes known as “co-pay”.

What is a deductible in auto insurance?

A deductible in any kind of insurance is, basically, the minimum amount before the insurance “kicks in.” On any repairs covered by your insurance, you will have to pay the deductible amount before the insurance will pay anything.

Does your auto insurance deductible cover your car and the car that you hit in an accident?

You do not pay a deductible for the car that you hit. Your liability coverage does not have a deductible.

Should you bundle car insurance with home insurance?

It is not necessary to bundle your car insurance with homeowners or renters insurance, but for many private lines insurance customers (USA) it may have some advantages. Most top rated large insurance carriers suggest a discount to both the auto and property coverages. This discount can be substantial, resulting in saving hundreds of premium dollars or making improved coverages or lower deductibles affordable. Combining auto and property with one carrier can make the purchase of and the premiums for PUL policies, Private Umbrella Liability policies lighter and less expensive to purchase. Customers with high income, high net worth or who may attract high settlement law suits for other reasons are encouraged to place this insurance to protect them in the event of an unforeseen event. Bundling home and car insurance with a top rated carrier will also provide you with the chance to review your insurance liabilities and exposures with a licensed agent. You pay no extra premium for this service. Individual policies are lightly modified. Each situation is unique and a thorough review is something every insurance premium payer is worth. Most Property and Casualty carriers value their multi line and longer term clients. As a entire, they are more profitable. These clients are generally given the most favorable treatment if issues arise that could cause premium switches, reinstatements, underwriting decisions, etc. Individual states have regulatory control of property and casualty insurers. Additionally many clients love the convenience of using one carrier, a local agency and develop long term benefits and discounts. Most large carriers suggest web support 24 hours per day. In some areas, property insurance is difficult to find. Some drivers with poor records may have limited choice of auto carriers. There is no harm in having numerous insurance carriers. However there are many compelling reasons to seek to place your individual insurance with one company.

When should you buy car insurance for your fresh car?

Instantaneously! Most insurance companies will extend liability from your existing policy, but most won’t cover any harm to that fresh car of yours. Get insurance before you drive off the lot, most times it just takes a phone call to your insurance agent.

Is there a deductible on liability auto insurance?

Not with respect to individual auto insurance. However, when commercial auto insurance is involved, especially fleet coverage, there sometimes is. It is not called a deductible, but a “self-insured retention”. The insured selects an amount that it is willing to pay toward the indemnity of a third party before the insurer’s obligation to pay is triggered.

What insurance should you buy when renting a car?

mostly you should be covered by the renting agency’s insurance for the drivers of their cars. Please check

Should you cancel car insurance if your car is totaled?

If you are speaking of collision insurance, the insurer will pay the actual cash value of the vehicle less the deductible. You may negotiate with the insurer over whether you, or it, keeps the salvage (the remains of the car), and its value. The policy may remain in force until the end of its term. If you get a fresh car to substitute the old, the existing policy may cover it. However, the premium may switch to account for differences inbetween the old and fresh vehicle that are material to the premium calculation. If you are speaking only of liability coverage and do not intend to substitute the car, you may want to convert to a “non-owner’s” policy. This provides coverage for you regardless of the car that you are driving.

What is an AOP deductible in property insurance?

AOP stands for “all other perils.” This would be your deductible onlosses covered under your policy. Examples would be fire, theft, orvandalism. This would be separate from other deductibles that mayapply to other covered losses (for example, harm caused by ahurricane).

Why there is compulsory deductible in insurance policies?

One to avoid smaller claims preferred by the insured – two treated as a copayment since the insured who chooses the claim should share a meagre portion of the liability.

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What should you do if you are refused car insurance?

Just because you are denied insurance coverage with one company doesn’t mean you will be again. As an independent insurance agent, I represent over 15 different auto insurance companies and if someone is truthful with me I can place them with the company that has the best coverage and rates for their situation and driving record.

What should your Deductible for car insurance be?

Should you pay a high or low property deductible for home insurance?

Depends on your financial situation. If you have slew of money saved to pay a high deductible, you can get a higher deductible and have lower premiums. If you usually do not have a lot of money in savings, a lower deductible would be better so you would be able to come up with the deductible if a claim has to be filed.

Can your insurance go after someone that bruised your car and get your deductible back?

Yes. If someone hits your vehicle and the insurance company pays for the damages, they will go after the person who was at fault for the damages paid and after they collect all the money paid out they will reimburse you for the deductible that you paid when the vehicle was repaired. The damages were paid under your uninsured motorists coverage which has at least a $250 deductible for property harm so when all the damages are recovered from the person, that will include the deductible and you will get a check back for that amount.

What is a dual deduction in auto insurance?

The deductible will dual if the loss occurs during a certain timeperiod. So if your deductible is presently $500, you will pay$1,000 before the insurance will pay any amount. Typically thisapplies only for the very first two or three months of a fresh policy.After that, only the $500 will apply. The benefit of selecting adouble deductible policy is that it lowers your premium.

Who should be on your car insurance?

Generally speaking, just you. In the U.S. in most states, your insurance covers anyone who drives the car (in the insurance business, there is a telling, “When you loan your car, you also loan your insurance). However, if there is someone who regularly drives your car besides you, you may want to have them listed as a driver.

What insurance should get for a fresh car?

Seven types of insurance should get for a fresh car as like: Liability InsuranceCollision InsuranceComprehensive InsuranceMotorist ProtectionPersonal-Injury ProtectionNo-Fault InsuranceGap Insurance

What should a commercial car insurance include?

A car insurance commercial should include a number of things. A car insurance commercial should include the cost of the insurance and what exactly the insurance would cover in the event of an accident.

Why should one get a travel car insurance?

Travel car insurance, more commonly referred to as rental car insurance, covers the costs if a rental car is bruised or stolen. One should purchase this insurance if they do not already have coverage through their own individual car insurance policy or through the credit card they are using to rent the car.

Do most car insurance companies suggest a numerous car deduction?

Most should, such as the big named companies like State Farm. Allstate, Geico, and Farmers. To get a numerous car deduction, each driver is most likely going to have to get approved.

What are the best deductibles to pay on car insurance?

It is hard to say the best deductible to pay for car insurance since it will vary by person. It depends on how much a person could afford to pay out of pocket if they get into a pocket, and if a person thinks that they would get into accidents often.

Can an insurance company come after me for car repair damages caused by my son hopping on a car if I pay the victims deductible?

Absolutely. Not only are you legally liable for the amount of the damages but by paying the deductible you basically admitted your liability. When you agree to pay and you will agree to pay make sure you let them know that you paid the person for their deductible so you can get credit for that amount as long as the other party does not deny that you paid them.

What is dual deductible in car insurance?

I’m not sure what you are talking about. The only place where I can think that you may incur two deductibles is a situation where you back into your own vehicle. This could cause you to have two deductibles, one for each car. Often times, companies will waive one of the deductibles in this case. Damages cannot be paid under liability coverage because you can’t be liable to yourself. In a situation where you back into someone else’s vehicle, you liability would pay for their cars damages and your physical harm will pay for your harm to your car. If you hit another vehicle that you own, since you can’t be liable to yourself, liability doesn’t come into play at all, so harm on each car is paid under physical harm on each one as long as you have this coverage on both vehicles. In this case you normally would have to pay a deductible on each car but most companies waive the lowest deductible so that you only have one, and they also only charge the accident against one vehicle.

Should you file a claim with your car insurance?

That’s always a balance inbetween what happened and how much it willcost you versus how much your rates will increase. If it will be alarge claim, then almost always you should file a claim. If it wassmall, then maybe not… but be sure to consider that even withsmall car accidents, there could be hidden harm, like thealignment being thrown off, etc. You might want to get your carchecked out to be sure.

Should I have a high or low deductible on an old car?

If you want to still have comprehensive or collision coverage, alower deductible is better. You should make sure the value of yourcar is more than your deductible otherwise paying for this coverageis worthless.

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