Can you make a claim on your Individual Injury Protection if you had an accident in an auto that has no PIP if your other auto on the same policy does?

Can you make a claim on your Individual Injury Protection if you had an accident in an auto that has no PIP if your other auto on the same policy does?Yes, I think you can, (subject to state laws and policy exclusions), turn the claim in for the response.

If you have health insurance will your PIP pay for an injury in an auto accident?

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In Florida, PIP will pay 80% of the bills till a total of $Ten,000 is reached. .
After the $Ten,000 limit, the health insurance will kick in as if that was the primary insurance. .
So what about the 20% before the $Ten,000. Send the remaining balance bills to your health insurance or the provider if the provider belongs to the health insurance list. Most of the health insurance companies will pay nothing of the 20% as the auto PIP will have paid several fold the allowable amount that the helath insurance pays had it not been as a result of an auto accident. They will tell the provider that no extra payment is due. So you will not pay a dime from your pocket till you reach the $Ten,000 limit. .
But if you are going to a out-of-network provider, I do not know. So when you go to ER or a doctor, tell them you only want to see your health insurance providers. They may not do so but insist..
Beaware of even network providers attempting to ask you to pay the balance if your health insurance company does not pay anything. They become greedy like anyone else..
The sun is setting on reqd PIP in Florida. It is a boon for people who have a insurance as they will not go thru the hassles that providers put you thru for the balance of the PIP. On PIP, charges are 3-4 times what is permitted by health insurance companies. So hospitals and doctors make a killing. With PIP gone in Fall, now the lawyers will make a killing by suing for injuries. And if you are not insured, you are in trouble even if the accident was not your fault. PIP was a good idea, but when hospitals and doctors got greedy, it became to be known as a scam. .
With our mentality of making money in the brief run, this is what the consumer gets. He is shafted no matter what, just getting shafted by different people. Do you want to be shafted by the medical community or the lawyers. Take your pick.

Can a person file bankruptcy on an auto accident claim?

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Filing bankruptcy creates an “automatic stay” which is a court order stopping most efforts to collect a debt, including lawsuits. Whether or not you are eligible for a discharge of the particular debt depends on the type of claim filed against you. In the case of an auto accident, liability for death or injury resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot be discharged..
The decision to file bankruptcy and which type of bankrupty to file should be made after consultation with a qualified attorney. You must another an number of factors into consideration such as the amount of your dischargeable debt, value of your assets, income and expenses.

What is the standard policy for minors who are passengers in auto accidents and who gets the claim?

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Anyone who suffers injury or property harm in a collision is permitted to file a claim to insurance companies. Damages are to be paid by the insurance company of the person deemed to be at fault. In the case of injury to minors, damages are to be paid to the parents or guardians.

If you are at fault in an auto accident and the other driver said at the scene he was not injured and didn’t emerge to have any injuries how long does he have to claim injuries later?

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not sure about legal time line but if you report the accident instantaneously or even now ( if you did not) your insurance company will assist you with the information. if for no other reason than to protect themselves….and get correspondence in writing!!!.
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Generally the statute of limitations permits an injured party Two years to claim injury damages. Genuinely, sometimes injuries DO NOT show up instantaneously. This is due to the bod producing adrenaline during the crash.

If you are on your parents’ auto insurance policy but living in a different house are you still covered on their policy for an underinsured claim from an accident in which you were the victim?

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Need more info…I’m assuming you have a claim for bodily injury?Why are you living in another house and how long have you been living there? (If it is determined that you now have a separate residence entirely, i.e. not away at college, the insurer will likely NOT deny any claim – that COULD be construed as bad faith – but they can and surely WILL liquidate you from the policy for any future claims.You said parents’ (plural) and not parent’s (singular), so I’m assuming your parents are not divorced and not living with one of the parents.

When and how do auto insurance claims influence your auto insurance rate For example I have reported the accident but have not yet made a claim. The other vehicle also may not make a claim.?

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Very first always get a police report, this is reporting. You should always tell your insurance company, in case the other party is attempting to commit fraud. (Fraud makes everyones rates higher.) If you have reported the accident to your insurance company you have made already made a claim, if you determine not to have insurance company repair your vehicle, most of the time your rates should not switch, this all depends on the insurance companies underwriting guidelines.

If you got auto insurance coverage and were in an accident the same day what is the coverage for a claim?

Accidents .
Insurance is VERY specific when it comes to when coverage starts. If you had the accident BEFORE you got insurance any harm sustained before you purchased the policy harm would not be covered. If you had an accident after the purchase of the policy then any damages would be covered.

What recourse do you have if someone claims injury in an auto accident and there was none?

Injury Claims .
Go to court! If insurance is involved, let the insurance treat it and the insurance adjusters treating the case can make determination of injury based on speed and point of influence on a vehicle. If either insurance company denied them payment for injury, and they determine to sue you instead, they will have to back up their medical claims in a court of law. This typically includes things like: medical reports, x-ray results, CAT scan results, blood tests, etc.

How many auto accidents can a person have before their auto policy is cancelled?

insurance Drop .
It depends. Usually an insurance company will drop you if they find out that some kind of fraud is incolved in a certain claim. However, they can drop you because of claim history, or too many accidents within a certain time framework. In essence, if they feel it would cost them more to insure you than you would pay them in premiums, they can drop you. However, they must have good and valid reasons to drop you in accordance to state insurance laws.

Can you request two seperat claims for auto accident auto and injury?

they ARE two separate claims, and coverages, and treated entirely separately many times by different adjusters…if you mean two different claim numbers etc….no what would be the purpose of that?

Do you have to file a claim after an auto accident?

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you don’thaveto do anything…but youshouldand would be wise to so…your insuring contract will have wording similar to this, you agree to promptly report any and all lossesif you’re not at fault and wish to use the other company that’s ok they will just close it once they know you are taken care of…there are many many reasons to report this, and that are all geared to protect you…..

Question If you are involved in and auto accident in Florida and the other driver is at fault but has no auto insurance and you are injured can you sue your insurance company for injuries?

No, you cannot sue your insurance company for injuries….actuallly, I take that back. You can sue anybody for anything…but in this case, you would not win. Your policy should have a coverage called Uninsured Motorist Coverage. Typically, this would cover the injured parties in your vehicle if the accident was caused by an uninsured driver. This would cover your injuries in such an incident. Unluckily, this coverage is not discussed by most insurance agents and is included as an afterthought. Be sure to check your policy and see if this is there. You should never have a lower Uninsured Motorist coverage than your Bodily Injury amount.

Can you make a claim on your Individual Injury Protection if you had an accident in an auto that has no PIP if your other auto on the same policy does?

Who is protected under part A of a Private auto Policy?

Coverage A – Liability.
This pays damages to bodily injury and property harm to others for which you are responsible..
For example, say you have coverages 100/300/100.
The very first number 100K, represents how much your insurance will pay per person injured. .
The 2nd number 300K, represents the aggregate amout you would be covered per incident for bodily injury. .
In other words you would be covered 100K per person not exceeding 300K per incident..
The third number 100K, represents what you are covered for any property harm you may cause.

Individual Injury occurred after auto accident The person who caused it is insured through same insurance company as mine How do you seek resoulution for injury?

You would need to consult a lawyer to determine potential settlement. Some lawyers give free case evaluations

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What can happen if after an At Fault accident the auto is totaled and you choose to cancel the insurance because you will not drive again and there are private injury claims not lodged?

If you were insured at the time of the accident, your insurance should pay up to the amount stated on your policy. It does not matter if you still have the insurance now. It is significant that you had it on the daye of the accident.

What is the average settlement for shoulder injury This was caused in auto accident in which the other driver was at fault.?

It would be a good idea to ask your attorney. A very rough rule of thumb is take the amount of wages lost and multiply it by three. There are so many other factors involved that this rule of thumb is not worth much. Obviously a world famous violinist is going to get more than a retired toasted. .
In the UK – you can claim two parts to your compensation. The very first being an amount for ache and suffering which depends entirely on the type of shoulder injury you have received. See the related link entitled “shoulder injury claim” to see different types of shoulder injury and how much compensation you can claim for each. The other part of your claim is for financial losses such as lost income and medical expenses – this will depend entirely on your own circumstances and actual losses incurred.

How can you make a auto insurance claim?

Call your claims department. This is found on your auto id card or insurance paper work.

If you are in an auto accident and the other driver has no insurance and your insurance provider pays your claim do you need to have the auto repair done or can you keep the money?

No, you are not required to repair your vehicle. However, you might be disappointed if you practice another accident and further harm occurs. The insurance company may pay the claim differently since it cannot determine prior harm to current harm. However, if it is an older car and it is not significant, it is your judgment call.

What is statute of limitations for auto accident injuries?

It depends upon the state in which the accident occurred. In Louisiana, the statute of limitations that is commonly referred to in other states is known as the ‘period of prescription’. This is due to the fact that Louisiana operates under a Civil Law Code rather than the more widespread Common Law Code used by many other states. The period of prescription for auto accident claims in Louisiana is one-year from the occurrence. For more information on auto accident claims in Louisiana, visit the link below:

How can you get an auto accident claim phone number?

In general, if someone posts a question here and gives a bit more specific information (like the name of the insurance company the individual wishes to contact) one of the Wikians will know just where to look to find that information and can post it.

How much can i receive from a back injury in an auto accident?

There is nooneamount you can get for a certain type of case and that you can not use a ordinary formula to find out how much your claim is worth. A settlement is most often determined when the insurance company and the attorney attempt to predict what a jury would award the client. Other factors that come into play when rewarding the plaintiff in a car accident case involve the severity of the injury, how bad the influence of the car crash was, the length of treatment for the injury, the amount of permanent tissue harm done, how much work was missed, how much pay was lost, how it affected the lifestyle and the capability to work of the individual, and what kind of job they had if it was permanently lost due to the injuries.

Why is an injury in an auto accident considered onslaught?

because there is indeed no way to know if you deliberately attempted to hit their car and hurt them

Can you Dispute auto accident bodily injury claim?

You can dispute an auto accident bodily injury claim. If you were injured, medical records exist. If someone claims they were injured, medical records exist that can be suponeded. Also it pays to have someone check on the injured party. If he claims he is bedridden and he is playing baseball, it helps to get a movie. Courts determine the issues.

Auto accidents and insurance claims with no insurance?

well it depends where u live as auto insurance differs everywhere. But here in Ontario, when a person hits you and drives off or has no insurance, it goes under your Uninsured auto mobile coverage. and it has very limited coverage for Medical bills, and fixing ur vehicle up to 25,000 if it was a person with no insurance. if its a hit and run then u have to pay the damages to your car out of pocket. or make a claim under your collision coverage.

Do you have to pay taxes on a private injury settlement from a auto accident?

Generally speaking you do not have to pay taxes on private injury settlements. However, in certain situations where (1) all or part of the proceeds of the settlement is treated as disability income, and (Two) the premium of the policy (under which the proceeds were paid) was paid by an employer; then that part of the proceeds will be treated as a taxable ordinary income.

Can you make a claim on your Individual Injury Protection if you had an accident in an auto that has no PIP if your other auto on the same policy does?

How do you protect assets from auto insurance claims?

Firstly, you need to purchase an adequate amount of liabilitycoverage for your situation. You have a choice of liability limitsthat you want when purchasing auto insurance. You can also purchasean umbrella or excess liability policy that will give you coverageover an above your auto, home, boat, etc policies and increaselimits of all to 1, Two, Five million dollars, also your choice. Theseumbrella policies are very inexpensive but require that you carryhigher thresholds of liability on your base policies like your auto andhome. Get with a good independent agent in your area that dealswith many different insurance companies and they can shop rates andcoverages for you based on what you want.

When you are in an auto accident with no insurance will the other persons insurance pay for their cars damages?

Their insurance policy will pay for their own car. However you must know it’s against the law not to have insurance coverage for your auto.

Will an auto accident with no injury get a settlement?

An auto accident with no bodily injury will typically get a property settlement only. In order to receive any extra settlement including ache and suffering you would need to be able to demonstrate physical trauma via documentation provided by doctors.

Auto accident claim?

An auto accident claim typically involves a claimant, insurance company, attorney, doctor(s), police officer(s), and witness(s).

What is the average settlement for shoulder injury This was caused in auto accident in which the other driver was at fault?

56 year old masculine injured in high speed car accident in texas otherdriver at fault transported to hospital injected with morphinesuffered severe shoulder separation 111 ac joint bruised bonechipped off acromonium ihave been out of work now for Two monthsorthopedic surgeon recommends surgery no insurance hospitalresponded no mri no surgery unless I pay lawyer suggests it wouldbe hard to recover lost wages I am journeyman commercial plumberwages lost are substantial company denies to permit comeback to workwith out docters release doctor recommends surgery I have noinsurance is it typically hard to recover lost wages in acase suchas mine in texas iam not familiar with laws beginning to doubtlawyer please advise

What is typical amount for auto accident settlement with minor injury?

The amount typical is commensurate to the actual damages and accompanying losses incurred by the claimant.

How long do you have to file a private injury lawsuit in an auto accident in Michigan?

The statute of limitations on private injury as well as injury to private property is Trio years in Michigan. You should instantly seek professional counsel if you have anymore questions.

Can you claim on three individual accident policies?

If you have more than one policy for the same thing you could have trouble because each insurer might claim that any claim should be met by one of the others. There is a general principle that you can’t inusre more than once for any particular event. If you tell lies to avoid this you will be caught out and in even more trouble. Insurers do talk to each other.

How do you make private injury claims?

Making a individual injury claim will depend on your insurance and the insurance of the other individual. It is very significant to know your insurance plan and to go after their instructions on how to proceed with your claim. If you have received personalized injuries in an accident that was result of negligence made by third party then you are entitled to make private injury claim. Before making individual injury claim, you must ensure that you have decent documenting proof to display the negligence of third party and your loss. It is a legal process that involve court hour. You should take help of private injury claim lawyers to win total compensation for your losses.

How long after an accident should someone make an auto insurance claim?

One should make an auto insurance claim after an accident right after the incident occurs. If you wait, witnesses might leave behind what happened or leave and injuries may not be documented well.

What is the concept of auto nofault and individual injury protection?

Auto nofault: Many people have heard the term “no-fault insurance.” However, do you understand what that actually means? In brief, a no-fault insurance system is an auto insurance policy required by state law in which each driver purchases auto insurance that protects him or her and thresholds his or her capability to sue other drivers for damages while also protecting him or her from being sued for damages by the other drivers in most cases. Therefore, if you are involved in an auto accident, your insurance company will pay your damages, up to your policy boundaries, regardless who was at fault. These boundaries must meet your state’s minimum coverage if your state is a “no-fault” state. The other drivers involved in the accident would be covered by their insurance policies. The theory behind this system is to ensure every motorist would receive instant coverage for damages, thereby reducing the law suits resulting from an accident. This would, in turn, help keep insurance premiums down. Private Injury Protection: Individual Injury Protection is a form of car insurance that is designed to compensate for an injured person’s bills, specifically things like medical bills and fees incurred as a result of a car accident. Private Injury Protection (also called PIP) sometimes will also cover things like a person’s lost wages due to their inability to work as a result of a car accident, and any other damages associated with an automobile accident. A lot of Private Injury Protection policies even compensate for funeral costs as well as agony and suffering. The fine thing about PIP is that it is “no-fault” insurance coverage. This means it covers not only the person who is insured but also other people in the insured party’s vehicle at the time of the accident, as well as any people hit by the insured person’s vehicle. It is designed to pay out to an injured person regardless of who caused the accident or which driver wields policy with that coverage. Another good thing about Private Injury Protection being no-fault is that the person wielding the Private Injury Protection will not have their insurance premiums enhanced should they need to file a Private Injury Protection claim. Private Injury Protection is only available in some states. But a lot of the states that do not suggest PIP do suggest Auto Medical Payments coverage (also called AMP). Some states have both PIP and AMP.

How does one file an auto accident claim?

“The process of filing an auto accident claim varies from company to company. It is reccommended that one document the event requiring the filing of a claim as accurately as possible, and that these details are kept handy while the claim is filed.”

Can you make a claim on your Individual Injury Protection if you had an accident in an auto that has no PIP if your other auto on the same policy does?

Will your individual auto policy cover you in an accident if you are driving a rental car?

It may do, but you will need to specifically check with your insurer before you rent a car.

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Can you liquidate the other person registered on auto policy?

It depends on too many different factors to give you a definite reaction. In the U.S. each state sets some of its own laws, and each company has its own policies. Many insurance companies require anyone on the title, or anyone in the household with a driver’s license to be insured, or some minor variation of that.

Where would one go to process an auto accident private injury insurance claim?

One would or could go to various places. These places include the DMV, or the auto insurance company which distributes their auto insurance to claim an auto accident private injury insurance claim.

What is an auto accident claim for?

An auto accident claim can be made if a person is in a car accident, but it was not their fault.The claim will aim to compensate them, and in legal terms, comeback them to the condition they would have been in had the accident never occurred.This may mean claims for car harm can be made, or for any healthcare or lost work as a result of injury.

Who can be contacted when auto accident claims are required?

When automobile accident claims are required, the individual’s car insurance company should be contacted, in order to put the individual in contact with a claims adjuster or representative. Accident/regular claim adjusters will help the individual through the claims process and assess the value of the claim.

What type of lawyer would deal with an auto private injury claim?

A private injury claims lawyer would be most likely to deal with cases involving auto individual injury claims. You can find a lawyer near you by looking in your local yellow pages.

Who is eligible for private injury accident claims?

Those eligible for private injury accident claims are those persons who have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident no matter who is at fault. This type of claim will cover anguish and suffering, lost wages, rehabilitation and medical benefits.

How does one file an auto accident injury claim?

The very first step to file an auto accident injury claim is to see a doctor within a duo of days of the accident, pack out the medical forms and be sure to stick to your care plan.

Which companies suggest auto accident individual injury cover?

If a person has car insurance more than likely they have coverage if they are injured or injure someone else. If one is looking for it they should go to any auto insurance company to get it, like Geico, esurance, State Farm, All State, and more.

Where could one go to make a claim for private injury after having an accident at work?

If one has an accident while at work, the very first step is to contact your manager to report the injury. Depending on the severity, you may be sent to a doctor or the hospital. If you will be required to miss work as a result of the injury, you will need to submit forms and insurance papers.

Does your insurance pay PIP for passangers involved in auto accident?

This will be determined by the state laws and your policy. In Georgia, for example, a civil attorney looking for an office, promised to reduce auto insurance rates by 15%. Since he had no real skill about insurance, business, or much anything else, all he did to reduce rates was to do away with PIP Coverage which was a valuable coverage. By wiping out PIP coverage he diminished the rates but left behind to tell people about the loss of coverage.

How long can you make a claim regarding auto accident injury in Fresh Jersey?

The statute of limitations on tort cases involving individual injury in that state is Two years from the time of the discovery of the injury.

Can you claim auto insurance both yours and the other person?

You cannot collect any more than your actual damages. If the other driver’s insurance does not cover part of the damagesand you have a better policy, your policy may pay for theremainder. You would have to discuss your specific policy with youragent to be sure.

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